Flashback Fridays…MadTV: Wizard Of Oz Goes Jungle Fever

Back in the mid to late 90s and up through the 2000s, FOX became a source of Urban television comedy with the mega-popular comedy sketch show, Madtv.

The show continued the late-night comedy tradition of forerunners such as the still-running Saturday Night Live, but seemed to get even more inspiration from the defunct In Living Color.

In this sketch, Madtv flips the script on The Wizard of Oz, and throws in a twist: Dorothy and her crew running into an escaped one-legged slave en route to see The Wizard.

Come to find out, Dorothy wasn’t opposed to getting some nookie on her path down the Yellow Brick Road, and a horny former slave with one leg was just what the doctor ordered.

After some lovin’, Dorothy forgot all about Kansas.

Get into it.