Grandma Falls Out On Camera, Saved By Facebook Live Viewers

An Atlanta grandmother suffered a terrifying health scare while streaming a prayer service on Facebook Live, passing out in front of shocked viewers who were able to get her some help that she says saved her life.

Francine Sims-Gates hosts a daily prayer service that she streams across Facebook Live.

But it was her who needed Divinity when she suddenly grabbed her chest, asked her viewers to pray for her, then collapsed.

Ms. Sims-Gates daughter, East Point Chief Municipal Court Judge Rashida Oliver, got a call from a woman who saw the frightening episode unfold.

Fortunately, Judge Oliver was able to dispatch help that surely saved her mom’s life.

Ironically, the judge had told her mother to stay off Facebook.

“Stay off Facebook,” she would often tell her.

Good thing she didn’t.

“Surely when this occurred, the first thing I thought was, ‘Thank God she was on Facebook,’” the judge said.

Ms. Sims-Gates was diagnosed and treated for blood clots. She is thankful to be alive today.

“I could have been still here on the floor,” were it not for Facebook Live viewers, she said.