Gray Hair, Don’t Care: Idris Elba Celebrates Graying Beard

Actor Idris Elba is transforming. The British-born film icon has decided he no longer gives a damn about his facial hair graying, and shared a pic of his beard as it grows thicker, fuller and much GRAYER.

Elba had long been known for his closely cut and dyed goatee but has evidently decided he’d just grow a full one, gray and all.

Elba joins a small group of popular Black male celebs who’ve given in to gray, such as fellow actor Michael K. Williams.

For a lot of men of color, though, going gray presents a crisis. It represents a natural process of aging that many men are completely resistant to. Which is why a lot of cosmetologists say gray treatment is a top seller–with many of their clients being men, and often, men of color.

But the 45-year-old Elba is celebrating his gray. That’s something a lot of Black men can’t do since boxes of Just For Men and cheaper brands tend to fly off shelves at dollar stores and Wal-Marts everywhere.

With Christmas just around the corner, though, Elba is sporting his salt and peppa, and channeling his inner Black Santa.