Kandi Ain’t Doing No Xscape Album; Singer Says Group Will Have To Record New Album Without Her

Its Xscape but Kandi Burruss is singing a New Edition tune: You’ll Have To Count Me Out! That’s ’cause the multi-hustling entertainer revealed last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live that she won’t be participating in a highly anticipated Xscape reunion album.

Kandi says she ain’t fooling with that, and has other things to do.

“I will be busy doing Broadway shows and some other stuff and they will be recording new stuff”, she added, with a hint of shade.

The tension between the ladies was obvious; and the shade was authentic.

And the ladies’ body language suggests they would have preferred Kandi not even go there at that time.

Fans say Kandi has been acting like the wet blanket since the ladies–beloved icons from the 90s music era–have reunited. Old beefs have come up, including Kandi’s relationship with the group’s one-time producer, Atlanta music mogul Jermaine Dupri, which was a sticking point the ladies have admitted helped cause friction in the group back in the day.

That and other things have Kandi acting like she’s already over the whole thang–even before it fully takes off.

But is Kandi holding back and not telling what is really bothering her?

The group is, as Cohen noted, selling out wherever they’re scheduled to perform.

But infighting and personal drama from 20 years ago might once again sidetrack the group.

Meanwhile, however, fans are seeing a bunch of new revelations.

All this time, the group’s followers assumed LaTocha Scott’s decision to do a solo project was the primary reason the group split up.

But is it really that simple?

Last night, on the Xscape: Still Kickin’ It reality show, Kandi revealed amid tears that she always felt like group member LaTocha Scott never liked her.

To Kandi’s defense, her vibe has the air of someone who seems like she felt like the odd-woman out. She also seems like she’s been deeply hurt and feels that no one has acknowledged it.

And, Kandi seems to feel like LaTocha is not being honest about the details surrounding that solo project, and its impact on Kandi and the group as a whole.

But fans are not focused on that; instead, Kandi’s general attitude is what has fans currently placing all the blame for the current drama on her.

Some fans are also saying Kandi’s disposition may have had something to do with the group collapsing back in the day.

Kandi and LaTocha’s relationship is the real story here. Reportedly, LaTocha and Kandi had at least one major physical fight back in the day.

There’s a disconnect between these two, and its obvious. The question is, how deep does it go–and who is gonna fix it?

And can they get past the past and keep the group together?