Malia Obama’s “Friends” Once Again Put Her Business On Social Media

“What about your friends?! Will they let you down again? What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown…”.

That was a TLC song from the 90s.

Malia’s Harvard friends have once again uploaded video of the former First Daughter’s business to social media for the world to see.

Last week, it was video of her getting her swirl on by bustin’ slob with her new British BF (more on him in a sec), and this week, she’s seen engaging in pothead fun by blowing O-rings on camera.

“Fuc**** get your camera!”, Malia says in the video. Its normal college hijinks, and she’s been locked into the White House half of her life, so she’s suddenly (and predictably) gettin’ loose.

But the critics are coming for her since she’s Barack’s little girl.

The Trump crowd had a feast with the new vid on social media, christening her a demon seed while taking the opportunity to reignite the debate over Obamacare just because this girl is a weedhead. Whatever.

Evidently, they slept through the Bush years, when that President’s twin girls were giving wildin’ out a new meaning.

But to keep it 100, Malia needs new friends. Friends who are gonna keep it real, and make sure private moments stay private. This stuff doesn’t need to be on social media, whether Malia is cool with it or not.

Now back to Malia’s BF. His name is Rory Farquharson and he’s from the United Kingdom.

Rory reportedly was critical of President Donald Trump on his own Twitter, which he recently deleted, but, he was a Trump Twitter follower.

Interestingly, he was not a follower of former President Obama’s on Twitter.

Malia and Rory reportedly met at the school.