Mariah Carey’s Former Bodyguard Claims Singer Sexually Harassed Him, Owes Him Money, and Called Him A Nazi

Singer Mariah Carey’s former bodyguard claims Carey sexually harassed him, according to TMZ.

Evidently, some unpaid bills may be part of the reason the bodyguard has decided to spill some alleged tea: Michael Anello claims Carey failed to hand over $221,329.51 he says he is owed, on top of another $511,000 he says he was promised.

Anello, who owns a security company, claims Carey tried to seduce him by summoning him up to her Cabo San Lucas hotel room while she was clad in nothing but see-though lingerie she allegedly left wide open.

Anello suggests that when the seduction didn’t work, Carey began calling him names like “nazi”, “skinhead”, and suggested he was part of the KKK.

Some arithmetic though: the $221,329.51 is what Anello claims is due for providing slightly less than a full year of bodyguard services.

And speaking of bodies, Mariah allegedly underwent recent gastric sleeve surgery to relieve herself of some unwanted, packed-on pounds that had the once-svelte, iconic songbird looking like a life sized package of pork chops.

As for Anello, he’s reportedly preparing to sue Carey unless his invoices are paid.

Wonder what other tea he’ll pour if she doesn’t cash him out?

Anello also claimed in legal documents that Carey wanted “to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.” That sounds like something a skinhead would say. IJS.

Litigation is pending.