Mark Ingram Scores Touchdown, Hops Into Crowd–And Gets A Mouth Full Of Somebody Else’s Beer Thrown In His Face

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram might think twice before he hops his ass up into the stands after scoring a touchdown again.

That’s because doing so got him a mouth full of somebody else’s beer yesterday.

Ingram and the Saints came to town in Buffalo and delivered a ridiculous 47-10 beat-down. And after scoring a TD, Ingram spotted a few Saints jerseys in the hometown Buffalo crowd and, just like many other touchdown-scoring players have done for many years, Ingram thought he’d hop into the mosh pit.

But not everybody was happy to have him up in the stands. After all, the Buffalo Bills were getting their asses chopped off and handed to them in a paper bag. How much love did Ingram think he’d get?

Some unidentified fan took the opportunity to douse the New Jersey native with some stale beer–and they got him good.

Not only was it bitterly cold out there on the field in always-frigid Buffalo, but Ingram said he ended up smelleding that stank, stale beer in his helmet the rest of the game.