Meghan Markle Set To Be The U.K.’s First Bi-Racial, American Royal


Over the weekend, news broke that Britain’s Prince Harry is fully committing to the swirl, and is now engaged to girlfriend Meghan Markle, a 36 year old, American divorcee of Black and Jewish descent.

Meghan will become the first non-European royal in the country’s history.

Rumors had swirled for days that the two would be announcing an engagement soon.

Harry is infamous for spreading his royal oats around, so Meghan is getting a wealthy and powerful hubby who enjoys the ladies.

Meghan is an actress and Los Angeles native who currently lives in Toronto. She was previously married to movie producer Trevor Engleson. That union lasted about two years.

Meghan’s mother is Black, and her father is White. Prince Harry reportedly sought their permission to marry their daughter. And, no surprise, Cha Ching–he got it.

According to news reports, Markle’s parents, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, wished the couple “a lifetime of happiness.”

Harry criticized the British press for what he said was its racist and sexist coverage of Meghan. Reportedly, a lot of people across the pond are not happy about Harry’s jungle fever, and the press is seen by many as feeding that sentiment.

The last time an American got this close to the British throne was in 1936, when Edward VIII gave up his throne to marry two-time divorcée Wallis Simpson.