Missy Elliott Offers Prayer For Troubled Singer/Actor Tyrese

Rapper Missy Elliott recently tweeted on troubled singer/actor Tyrese’s emotional outbursts on social media. Tyrese has been going through a lot of changes lately due to an ongoing fight over visitation rights and child support obligations with his ex over their daughter.

In a hysterical video, the frequently emotional entertainer sobbed and begged his ex not to take his daughter away from him.

Tyrese was ordered to hand over $13,000 per month in child support. He also addressed that issue in the video, asking, “What more do you want from me?!”

Tyrese is known for talking a lot on social media. And often, his opinions get him into trouble. But his latest outbursts made some folks question whether or not the entertainer was losing his mind.

So Missy jabbed the critics–and offered some prayer for her friend.

Tyrese is also engaging in a social media beef with former friend and Fast And Furious co-star The Rock.