Mona Scott-Young Doesn’t Dish On Who Sweated Her For ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Spot


Reality TV Queen Mona Scott-Young appeared on Wendy Williams’ show today, and the woman who brought you Cardi, Joseline and a resurrected Soulja, declined to name names when it comes to who has been Keith-sweating her about appearing on the popular, multi-franchise platform.

Wendy knew she was trying to start up some mess, which we love, and nobody really expected Mona to put any thirsty artists out there like that.

But, everybody paused and waited to see what Mona had to say.

“I honestly am not being shady, but I can’t think of anybody”, Mona lied. What else could she say?

But Mona knows damn well that a list as long as Black Chyna’s weave has formed and continues to grow as artists whose careers have seen better days are pining for a chance to put all their business out there in the streets for a cute check on ‘Love And Hip Hop’: anything.

Plus, Mona is probably looking to avoid more drama after a back and forth with former Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez went very public on social media. Hernandez quit the show after trashing the franchise and more specifically, Mona Scott-Young.

Scott-Young, 50, started her entertainment trajectory as an executive with Violator Management. Since then, she’s built a considerable empire.

Below, she shares advice with working moms: