Papa Johns Pizza CEO Pulls NFL Ads Over Player Protests; Twitter GOES IN

Papa Johns Pizza says its earnings have dropped 6% as a result of NFL players’ boycotts. So as a result, the major pizza chain decided to pull millions of dollars in TV ads earmarked for the NFL.

But some see the move as being more political than economic, especially since top rival Pizza Hut shaded Papa Johns by announcing it saw no drop in earnings due to the protests.

But Papa’s pizza profits might be ready to take another hit, if a number of Twitter users has anything to say about it. Many users see racism in the move by Papa Johns and its founder, John Schnatter–a lifelong Republican and reportedly avowed Trump devotee.

TV One host Roland S. Martin added his two cents, offering a tweet that read, “To hell with Papa Johns”–and its CEO. He said the chain guaranteed “many of us will never eat his cardboard pizza again”.

Twitter was not kind to the pizza company.

Papa Johns infamously opposed Obamacare. The chain promised in 2012 to raise its prices if the health care law wasn’t overturned.