Rapper Lil Peep DEAD At 21: X Overdose Suspected

New York rapper Lil Peep, an up and coming MC who enjoyed increasing notoriety on the strength of buzz generated from viral YouTube videos, is dead. The cause is a suspected drug overdose.

Lil Peep, birth name Gustav Ahr, was 21 years old.

Peep was found unresponsive on his tour bus in Tucson, Arizona Wednesday night.

Police reportedly found drug paraphernalia scattered all around Peep’s body. The drug suspected to have contributed his death, according to reports, is Xanax.

The up and coming artist posted a cryptic message on Instagram hours before his death:

“When I Die You’ll Love Me”.

He also posted a pic showing him with two pills on his tongue with the caption, “Fucc it”.

In a January Pitchfork feature, Peep was labeled “the future of Emo”.