Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 10, Ep. 4: Video…Kim Zolciak Goes After Kenya Moore

This season of the popular Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA) is one of the more lackluster ones in memory. I fear things may not get better. But some noteworthy drama did unfold on last night’s episode when former and now recurring cast member Kim Zolciak made her “grand” re-appearance at Ne Ne’s “all-white party”.

Kim has issues with Kenya Moore and attacked Moore by calling her ugly and claiming Moore has a made-up man.

For clarification, Moore is a former Ms. USA.

But she has had trouble producing a real relationship for the cameras in the past.

Moving on. Tammy Faye Zolciak must have sipped some fancy champagne that had been spiked with Takaa Vodka and Colt 45 because she unexpectedly turned up, then suddenly and physically went at Moore after Kenya accused Zolciak of “pimping out” her own daughter for John Legend tickets.

I know you don’t talk about folks kids but this was an unbalanced reaction.

Evidently, the full viewable violence is set for next week’s episode but Kim made a complete fool of herself. It was also strange seeing Kim take on the role as the physical aggressor after previously being shut down by Ne Ne and Sheree in past seasons.

For perspective, Ne Ne and her throng of fans expected she’d regain her role as “Queen” of the show when she returned. That’s still not clear, although Kenya can’t really be considered the show’s focal point at all right now either.

I’m not sure who is. This season is all over the place.

But maybe somebody should let Kim know that because her strategy seems to be to go after Kenya to establish her own Mojo.

Besides that spectacle, everything else is a blur. This season has got to get better.

Luckily, Michelle from Straight From The A has the full snooze-worthy video.