Stephanie Mills Says R&B Is Going White

Old skool R&B and Soul legend Stephanie Mills, who is one of music’s all-time greatest voices, has her opinions. Mills thinks R&B is struggling because consumers have decided that they’d rather hear White Folks sing Black music instead of Blacks singing it.

“I think [people today] want R&B, but they don’t want it from us…

“They want it from Adele and Justin Timberlake, and those people. They don’t want it from us”. —Stephanie Mills On ‘Sister Circle’

Wendy Williams discussed Stephanie’s point of view this morning on her show, and said Stephanie might feel isolated because she represents the old skool.

Wendy also said that White artists have learned to put more emphasis on the groove, which makes a song hot.

There are countless opinions on why R&B continues to lag in sales behind other genres. But one issue could be that the stirring R&B of Stephanie Mills’ era is definitely not the R&B we’re hearing today.

A Grammy winner, the Brooklyn-born Stephanie Mills is one of the defining artists of the late 70s-1980s R&B era. She has released nearly two dozen albums and also starred as Dorothy in the stage play, The Wiz.

Mills dated the late Michael Jackson in the 1970s.