Today Marks 1 Year Anniversary of Donald Trump’s Shocking Upset of Hillary Clinton

It was a year ago today that Donald Trump–reality TV star; business magnate; and birther;–race-baited his way to victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was so distraught over the unexpected walloping that she couldn’t even muster enough cool to deliver her concession speech until the next day.

It was a shocking occurrence. And it was hard to decide which was the most unbelievable aspect of the night: that Hillary Clinton lost, or that Donald Trump would be President.

Most people thought Trump’s campaign was toast after a number of bigoted, racially insensitive comments, along with his proclamation in a secretly recorded video that he routinely meets women and then just “grabs them by the p****”.

But by the next morning, it was clear that the unthinkable had happened: Trump won in what could be considered an electoral landslide. He even took states that had voted for President Obama just 4 years earlier.

Of course, we’ve heard a lot about how this victory may have come about since then but one thing is sure, few saw it coming.

And it’s probably the biggest upset and one of the most shocking events in the history of the U.S., and that says a lot.

It’s also unlikely that there’ll ever be another election just like it.

In retrospect of the anniversary of the shocking election, Hillary haters and supporters alike took to Twitter and posted tweets using the hashtag, #ThankYouHillary.