Twitter Users Spread Unsubstantiated Rumor That Aretha Franklin Is Allegedly Gravely Sick

Horrified Twitter users got up this morning and saw an unsettling sight: undisputed Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin TRENDING.

Quick Twitter 101 for non-users: Usually, when someone is a trending topic, there’s a reason. And if the subject of the trend isn’t usually trending, then often, that person has done something amazingly stupid or, is dead. Follow me?

Just one day after we lost beloved singer and actress Della Reese, panicked fans hoped Aretha wasn’t gone.

The “Fameolous” Twitter user–infamous for making the unproven allegation that rapper The Game had impregnated a 15 year old in London–left this disturbing tweet that really set folks off.

Our Aretha has battled health woes in the past. She allegedly underwent a serious operation a couple of years ago and has canceled appearances in the past due to undisclosed setbacks, alleged to be of a medical nature.

But there’s good news: there is no confirmation available from anybody anywhere that suggests Auntie Aretha is anything other than doing alright, probably sitting at home eating a big ole homemade plate of chitterlings, macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler.

Let’s hope so anyway.