Two Shot Dead At Cousin Stizz’s ‘Underground Atlanta’ Concert

Boston-based rapper Cousin Stizz’s concert at the ‘Masquerade’ nightclub at Atlanta’s famed Underground shopping complex turned deadly last night after a misunderstanding gave way to a lethal confrontation, witnesses say.

A total of four people were shot. Two are dead. And witnesses say the tragedy occurred because one of the show’s attendees felt disrespected by two of the victims who were trying to climb up onto the stage during the show.

Reportedly, the victims had become rowdy. The gunman exchanged words with them and then he began firing at the victims and also at the floor.

Reports indicate the two surviving victims may have been hit by stray bullets.

All hell then broke loose as the gunman, the victims, and panicked music lovers dashed for the exits.

A security guard saw the shooter but did not stop him.

Police are investigating though they have not publicly ID’d the shooter.

Cousin Stizz left a message saying he was “heartbroken” on Twitter, but took the time to point out the slaughter occurred before he took the stage:

Built in 1969, for years the Underground Atlanta shopping complex was one of the city’s main draws.

But the city basically abandoned the government-owned shopping center and allowed the complex to fall into serious decline over the last decade +.

As a result, the once-popular center has become notorious as a haven for crime, including assaults, car break-ins, and drug sales–even though the complex has its own rather large police precinct.

Mayor Kasim Reed authorized the complex to be sold to developers who intend to raze the complex and build high-priced condos and upscale stores in its place.