Wasted O.J. Gets Tossed Out Of Vegas Hotel Bar: Report

Errrbody in the club gettin’ tipsy is what Chingy rapped many pecan seasons ago. Well, acquitted Ginsu Guru O.J. Simpson may have been bumping that tune when he decided to turn up in a Vegas hotel, throwing glasses around and making a complete ruckus, according to reports.

TMZ brought the receipts. The gossip site claims Simpson was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Clique bar in Las Vegas when the drama unfolded. Simpson was reportedly chillin’ at the bar one minute–and violently hurling glasses the next.

Soon after, security came and told the 70 year old Simpson that he had to get the hell on, and they immediately saw him out the door.

Simpson reportedly was very cordial to the guards as he was being kicked out.

O.J. Simpson is famously on parole so stuff like this could have him once again checking out prison cell decor.

The court system views him as a killer who got off scot-free so if he ends up back in the pokey, a judge just might send him away for the duration, so he might wanna chill on the extras.