Way Back Wednesdays…Cheryl Pepsii Riley: Thanks For My Child

Brooklyn native Cheryl Pepsii Riley exploded onto the music scene in the late 1980s with a song that became THE anthem for parents everywhere who were making the constant and daily sacrifices to raise their beloved children: “Thanks For My Child”.

The song detailed a woman’s proud and selfless decision to care for her child after the baby’s father deserted her, leaving her alone to raise a young one all by herself.

Riley impacted millions of hearts with her emotional delivery coupled with the songs touching lyrics.

The song, and Riley’s powerful vocal delivery, encapsulated what many single parents felt across the country, and actually around the world.

“Thanks For My Child” rocketed to #1 in 1988, and remains a classic today.

Pepsii Riley continues to record, and released her last album, Still Believe, in 2015.