Way Back Wednesdays…Vanity 6: Nasty Girl/Apollonia 6: Sex Shooter

Before there was Beyonce, Rihanna, or Lil Kim, the ladies of pop group Vanity 6 were putting sex appeal front and center with their music in the 1980s.

Vanity was composed of 3 ladies– Susan Moonsie; Brenda Bennett; and Vanity, whom the group was named after. The women used what they had to get to where they wanted, and fans appreciated them for it.

Superstar Prince formed the singing trio, who he originally wanted to call “Vagina 6”. But not surprisingly, the ladies resisted that name, and the group was eventually called Vanity 6.

Sex and sex appeal were integral components of the group’s allure. One of the two hits the group is most famous for, “Nasty Girl”, is an apologetically sex-themed song focused on an all-out quickie with an anonymous stranger that included oral sex and cocaine.

Clearly, Vanity 6 was not making music for Bible study.

On album covers, in concert, in videos, and during appearances, the ladies would routinely dress in skimpy lingerie and other costumes that left little to the imagination.

While their music was mediocre, their undeniable sex appeal catapulted them to the top of the record charts–and to the top of many male (and female) fans’ minds.

At the time the group was founded, Moonsie and Prince were dating; scandalously, at some point, Vanity replaced Moonsie as Prince’s girlfriend. Interestingly, the group continued to perform together reportedly without any drama.

There’s little concrete information related to the group’s dissolution. But what is known is a rift between Prince and Vanity resulted in her being replaced by newcomer Apollonia Kotero.

Though beautiful, Apollonia had virtually no singing skills and even less stage technique so fans got quickly bored with the revised alignment, and the newly minted Apollonia 6 was quickly history. All 3 women went off in separate directions.

However, Apollonia 6 was able to release one major hit, “Sex Shooter”, prior to disbanding.

Vanity’s solo music career initially flourished and she also appeared in several films. But she struggled with substance abuse for many years. She eventually turned to faith, and was able to recover from her addiction but died in February 2016–two months before Prince passed away.

Apollonia finally realized music was not her bag and she went on to become an actress who starred in the popular 80s soap drama, “Falcon Crest”.

Moonsie and Bennett have recorded sporadically since the group’s breakup.

The three surviving members of the group recently shared a photo of them together on social media: