Wendy Back On Air, Says She’s Fine Day After Shocking Collapse

Talk show queen Wendy Williams was back on the small screen today, 24 hours after she shockingly collapsed live on global television.

Saying she was just fine, and offering an explanation that left a lot of people still concerned, at one point, Williams became tearful and needed a hanky when recounting how she felt the moment she began wobbling and ultimately fell to the ground.

Wendy’s fall was the talk of every town yesterday, and the main trending topic on social media. Even some local news stations reported on it.

Wendy denied that her fall was a stunt, which some speculated it was. She also denied she’d had a stroke.

From a medical perspective, sudden fainting spells in some people could be a byproduct of medical conditions deriving from extensive use of alcohol or drugs.

Its unclear whether Wendy was evaluated by a doctor subsequent to the mysterious fall: paramedics dispatched to the studio reportedly left soon after they arrived.