Acquitted Murderer George Zimmerman Threatens To Kill Jay-Z

Pie-faced acquitted child killer George Zimmerman is allegedly running his mouth again. The widely despised Orlando resident allegedly told celebrity gossip website The Blast recently that he isn’t happy about a documentary Jay-Z is helping to produce, titled “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story”.

Zimmerman is reportedly upset that his relatives were “harassed” for interviews, and that his ex-wife got paid for being interviewed while he, and his parents–who also were reportedly interviewed–didn’t get a mickel.

The pudgy killer also allegedly told The Blast that he would beat rap mogul Jay-Z up and then “feed him to an alligator” in retaliation over his folks getting stiffed.

He also allegedly referred to the murder of Martin, which a jury acquitted him of in 2013.

“I know how to handle people who fuck with me, I have since February 2012”, Zimmerman is quoted as saying.

Zimmerman has been getting away with–and getting money off of–the murder of 15 year old Trayvon Martin since 2012. After finally being arrested for Trayvon’s murder, Zimmerman pocketed thousands of donated dollars from racists around the country, and even sold the murder weapon–which police returned to him–for over $100,000 online.

Zimmerman served no prison time for any charges related to the crime.

On the other hand, prosecutors in Seminole county did find enough evidence to send the man who shot Zimmerman in a road rage incident to prison for years:

Matthew Apperson was sentenced to 20 years. It’s unclear if Seminole county law enforcement will investigate Zimmerman for threatening Jay-Z.