Alleged Tupac Peen Pic Up For Sale

An alleged pic of the late rap superstar and legend Tupac’s penis is now up for auction, according to reports.

The photo is said to have been taken by a former girlfriend of ‘Pac at a house party in California in the 1990s.

The unidentified former flame wants $7,500 for the pic, which comes with a copyright.

The woman listed the pic, along with 6 other photos showing ‘Pac chillin’ in the company of friends, with the “Gotta Have Rock And Roll” auction house–but the pics didn’t even get a bid.

So the woman called up TMZ to try to make the sale.

Evidently, Tupac enjoyed flashing people from time to time.

‘Pac was violently murdered in 1996 on the Las Vegas strip while riding in the passenger seat of a BMW driven by Death Row head honcho Suge Knight.

Tupac’s murder remains officially unsolved.