Atlanta News Anchor Addresses Viewer Who Sent Her Racist Email Over Mayoral Election

Atlanta’s closely contested, nationally watched mayoral contest had an obvious racial over and undertone to it. That’s a fact.

One presumably White viewer of Atlanta’s CBS 46 was so angry about a discussion of the racial elements of the race decided to take the time to send an email to anchor Sharon Reed in which she called Reed the N-word.

Reed addressed the writer of the email, who called herself “Kathy Rae”, over the missive, which the station posted a screen shot of on live TV. Here’s what the email read:

“You need to be fired for the race baiting comment you made tonight. It’s okay for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites…Really, you are what I call a N***r not a black person. you are a racist N***r. you are what’s wrong with the world.”

The name “Kathy Rae” became an instant trending topic on Twitter immediately after the segment–and Reed’s response–quickly went viral.

Watch below how Reed cutely checked Kathy Rae’s ignorant ass, right down to Kathy’s illiteracy.