Diddy Wants To Buy NFL’s Carolina Panthers Since Current Owner Has To Sell Due To N-Word, Sex Harassment Scandal

Occasional rapper and apparel and entertainment mogul Diddy wants to buy the Carolina Panthers pro football franchise. The team is now up for sale since the current owner, Jerry Richardson, was forced to sell after he was exposed by Sports Illustrated over him allegedly calling a football scout a “N*gger”, and for also allegedly harassing female employees of the organization.

Diddy, who rose to global fame as head honcho of Bad Boy Records in the 1990s, is estimated to be worth nearly half a billion dollars. Aside from his broad success in the entertainment industry, he also founded the upscale Sean John clothing label and REVOLT TV.

Its unclear if Diddy has entered any formal negotiation to buy the Panthers,  or if even he’s serious or just trying to get folks talking: in typical Diddy style, after saying he wanted to buy the team, Diddy then went out of his way to ask Twitter users to retweet his interest in the franchise.

But if Diddy were in fact to buy the team, he could become the first-ever African American majority owner of an NFL team, even though more than 65% of the league’s players are Black.

Diddy would likely start off by setting the stage for some drama: he promised he would sign former 49ers quarterback and modern civil rights figure Colin Kaepernick to the team if he bought it, potentially setting up competition between Kap and the team’s current quarterback, Cam Newton.

Richardson was forced to sell after embarrassing allegations emerged regarding the 81 year old’s past behavior toward female Panthers employees, including allegations that he asked to shave the women’s legs, gave them seemingly erotic back rubs, and asked many female employees to give him foot rubs.

He also allegedly asked women how they managed to fit their butts inside their jeans.

Reportedly, the Panthers have had to settle a ton of complaints to save the owner and the franchise’s dignity–and to make the allegations go away.

The Panthers became an NFL franchise in 1993.