Feds Want Corrine Brown Locked Up ASAP

Federal prosecutors want former U. S. Rep. Corrine Brown in jail right after the New Year, and they have filed documents asking the sentencing judge to make that happen, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Few people expected Ms. Brown to get the hammer dropped on her during an early December sentencing hearing but the judge gave her a stiff, 5 year sentence anyway. Immediately, her attorneys went to work to file documents asking the judge to allow her to remain free while she appealed the surprisingly heavy sentence.

But federal prosecutors aren’t having it. They want her to sit in prison while she’s appealing the sentence, and have asked the sentencing judge to send Ms. Brown to The Joint in the meantime.

Its a shocking fall for Ms. Brown, a long-time political figure and local legend.

Ms. Brown, 71, was charged and later convicted of 18 federal counts that included lying on a tax form. The feds say she was behind a charity scheme that was supposed to benefit inner city children but instead, the feds say, Ms. Brown and her also-convicted cohorts divvied the money up and lavished themselves with fancy trips, paid some bills, and purchased Beyonce concert tickets and more.

Ms. Brown is best known for the slogan, “Corrine Delivers”, and for seemingly wearing the same wigs for many years.