Kevin Hart Talks Sex Scandal, Denies His Wife Is A “Home Wrecker”

Kevin Hart opened up to The Breakfast Club deejays this morning and talked about his scandalous fooling around and folks on social media saying his wife was the victim of an embarrassing episode of karma after a photo of the diminutive comedian nestled up on a tall woman’s breasts went viral.

“It’s beyond irresponsible,” Kevin said when asked what was on his mind when the photo was taken earlier in the year in Vegas.

“There’s no way around it, the best way to do it is just address it.. right on. Just say exactly what it is, that’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment, that’s not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed and you lay in it.”

“I rightfully stand in front of my f*ck-up hands in the air, I’m guilty regardless of how it happened or what was involved – sh*t that I can’t talk about I’m guilty, I’m wrong.”

Kevin said he hopes his wife will someday forgive him.

He also admitted that few things bother him when it comes to media coverage and social media commentary–except when people call his current wife, Eniko, a “home wrecker”.

“That’s the sh*t that almost got under my skin”, Kevin said. He went on to say that the title of “home wrecker” was put on Eniko by his ex-wife, Torrei, who Hart reportedly dumped for the younger Eniko.

“You’ve never heard me bad talk my kids mother, my ex-wife, I don’t do it…its not my character”, he said. “But in her most emotional time, she (Torrei) lashed out” against Eniko.

Torrei and Kevin’s break up was ugly–and public. Torrei told everybody and their grandmama that the split was a result of Kevin cheating on her, and that Eniko played the clean up woman and swept away with her man.

Torrei and Kevin divorced in 2011. Kevin and Eniko married 5 years later, in 2016.