Khia Says Trina Beef Started After She Wrote “The Baddest B***h”–But Was Rewarded With A Diss Track

Rapper Khia, now co-host of a YouTube series called “The Queens Court” with Internet star TS Madison, spilled some yet-unconfirmed tea today: Khia says she herself wrote “The Baddest B***h” for Miami rapper Trina.

And, Khia goes on to say, she didn’t get any credit for it.

On top of that surprise revelation, Khia says Trina thanked her by recording a diss track aimed at her. So that’s why she said she started “roasting” Trina.

It’s a startling accusation. These two women have been at odds for years and years.

And back when a lot more people were paying attention, they even exchanged scathing diss tracks.

“The Baddest B***h” is Trina’s signature solo record. The track hit the charts in early 2000 and became an instant hit.

Could Khia’s ink pen have helped breathe life into Trina’s career?

Trina went on to become more commercially successful than the Philly-born, Tampa-bred Khia, whose most well-known track was, “My Neck, My Back” in 2002.

But Khia has long claimed that she is the most talented of the two.

“The only reason that I roast Trina is because the b*tch put out a diss track on me 20 years ago instead of telling people that I wrote ‘Da Baddest B*tch’ for her”, Khia says to the camera–and to TS Madison, who has, on-camera, taken issue with Khia going after Trina, who last recorded an album in 2010.

Check out Khia’s bombshell clip, and then–if you care–you can listen to the ladies’ diss tracks from many pecan seasons ago, below:

Maddie: Are we finally taking Sour Puss off the docket? Me: Fuck Trina ?? #loveandhiphopmiami #thedocket????

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