Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife ARRESTED: Allegedly Sought To Make His Murder Appear Drug-Related

Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife has been arrested in connection with his 2010 murder.

Sherra Wright was taken into custody in Riverside, California–thousands of miles away from the wooded area in Tennessee where Lorenzen’s severely decomposed body would be found 10 days after he was last seen alive–leaving Sherra’s home.

Sherra faces charges of conspiracy, criminal attempted first degree murder, and first degree murder.

If convicted, she could face Tennessee’s death penalty.

According to rumor, Sherra Wright was long suspected to be involved in her ex-husband’s murder by people close to the family. The Wrights had an extensive and sometimes rocky history, and shared 6 kids together. They would break up multiple times, and Sherra claimed Lorenzen had been physically abusive toward her.

However, though the couple were not together, Lorenzen regularly visited with Sherra and their kids.

Lorenzen was last seen the evening of July 18, 2010 when he left Sherra’s home. Later that night, he tried to place a 911 call from his cell phone but the call was cut off. At least a dozen shots were heard being fired on the 911 tape.

Police believe Sherra allegedly hoped Lorenzen’s murder would appear to be drug-related. Police in Tennessee claim Sherra, who quickly hired a lawyer to represent her in the midst of the murder investigation, allegedly told detectives that Lorenzen had a “box of drugs” and a “large sum of money”, and that he left her home with a man she did not know.

Sherra later denied making the comment about the “box of drugs”.

Earlier this month, a 46 year old man named Billy R. Turner was charged with murder in the case. He is suspected to have rolled on Sherra, providing police with the missing pieces of the puzzle they needed to arrest her.

It has been rumored that Sherra Wright and Turner were romantically linked.

Wright’s body was found 10 days after he was last seen alive on a deserted field in a severe state of decomposition: Lorenzen had been a 6’11”, 255 point power forward in the NBA, but his body weighed only 57 pounds when police recovered it.

Lorenzen Wright was drafted seventh overall by the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers in 1996. He would play with a total of 5 different teams during 13 seasons in the league.

Police have left open the possibility of more arrests coming in the case.