Man Accused Of Breaking Into R. Kelly’s Homes, Then Selling All Of His Stuff, TURNS HIMSELF IN To Police

Alfonso Walker is looking at jailhouse furniture right now, after turning himself in for the alleged burglary of two of singer R. Kelly’s Atlanta-area homes–then selling all of the superstar’s luxurious home furnishings, clothing, jewelry and electronics at auction prices, according to WSB-TV Atlanta.

Walker had been the subject of a widespread manhunt and constant media exposure. The shocking heist took place while Kelly was out on tour.

Walker turned himself in to police yesterday, and was booked into the Fulton County Jail on felony charges that include 2 counts of First Degree Burglary; 2 counts of Felony Taking; and 1 count of Theft By Deception.

No bond amount was set, but Walker was taken to a nearby hospital for an undisclosed illness shortly after turning himself in.

Walker told police that Kelly owed him money and breaking into Kelly’s home and selling off his nice things was the way he said he decided to reimburse himself.

In the video below, Kelly records his empty home upon his return from touring.