Nas Wants Court To Make Kelis Allow Him To See His Son

Rap legend Nas is going to court. This time, it’s not because of unpaid taxes: Nas took care of those earlier this year, likely avoiding an unwanted trip to the slammer by doing so.

No, Nas is going to court to ask the courts to force his ex, Kelis, to allow him to see his son. According to Nas, Kelis is preventing him from seeing the kid.

Per The Blast, Nas claims in court documents that he has “worked cooperatively with Kelis over the years,” but that Kelis only “allows him to exercise his custody with their son when she deems it convenient for her.”

The couple married in 2005 after several years of dating.

By 2010, they were through.

Nas claims he doesn’t get to see his son for months at a time, and has proposed a visitation schedule for the first, third and fifth weekend of every month, on Father’s Day, and each other’s birthday.