Omarosa Denies Being Kicked Out Of The White House, But A Tell-All Book Could Be Coming

Omarosa is leaving the White House next month. That we know to be true. The circumstances surrounding why she has to vamoose aren’t so clear.

Yesterday, news broke that Omarosa would be departing her largely ceremonial, $180,000 year job in the Trump administration effective January.

Reports quickly circulated that Omarosa caused so much commotion after being told her services would no longer be needed that she set off alarms in the White House, demading to see President Trump, cussed and yelled, and had to be physically escorted out of the building.

Omarosa says that’s BS. She claims she resigned because she suddenly felt “uncomfortable” in Trump’s administration nearly a year into the job.

“I can’t expand upon it because I have to go back and work with these individuals,” she said. “But when I have my story to tell — as the only African-American woman in this White House, as a senior staff and assistant to the President — I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally,” she said (Italics mine).

The read: Omarosa was shown the door, and is about to write a tell-all book and put errrbody’s business out in the street.

Its unclear if the President will try to find another Black woman to replace Omarosa who is willing to talk to TV shows and the press for him.