Rachel Dolezal Returns With Calendar

Rachel “Teena Marie” Dolezal–the former NAACP exec who was exposed for pretending to be a Black woman when she is actually a White woman–is offering a calendar just in time to put in your stocking stuffers.

Dolezal created a national firestorm when her biological parents told news outlets that their daughter was not the Neo-Soul Sister she had so meticulously portrayed herself to be.

A news reporter ended up confronting Dolezal in an interview she assumed was about NAACP activities but was instead Catfish’D with photos of her as a young Becky growing up in rural Montana.

Dolezal became infamous overnight.

Unfortunately, she lost her job with the NAACP and later claimed she was unable to cover her living expenses so she reportedly turned to babysitting and hair braiding to take care of herself and her young, biracial son.

Dolezal had been claiming she was biracial herself. Many wondered how she managed to stay so consistently tanned looking and how she got her hair to look like Yaki weave.

The calendar includes Dolezal in various poses along with her very own “inspirational quotes” and “Black History [sic] facts throughout the year”, such as this for the month of May:

“Living in full color means stepping outside the boxes prescribed by society & following the nature of your soul.”

The asking price for the calendar is $18.99. Plus shipping and handling, by the way.