Residents Of Recently Formed Georgia City Diss City’s Unpopular New Name

More than 200 residents of the city formerly known as South Fulton turned out in angry droves at a City Council meeting tonight to express their disgust with the Council’s decision in November to change the city’s name from “South Fulton” to–wait for it–“Renaissance”.

Renaissance, Georgia.

“I don’t like it but I will have to deal with it,” said an emotional resident, Sherry Carson, to WSB-TV reporter Nefertiti Jacquez.

South Fulton itself has only been a city for little more than a year: last November, a referendum was passed by voters making South Fulton–which had actually been an unincorporated area of Fulton county that had long been considered part of Atlanta–an independent city.

Elections for Mayor and City Council members were then held in March.

Candidates promised change during the election–but this wasn’t the change everybody expected.

“I should’ve had some input as to what the name was going to be,” Carson added.

At and outside the council meeting, residents threw out a number of unflattering labels for the new name including “lame”, “bourgeois”, and even “ghetto”.

Mayor Bill Edwards reportedly promised to veto the name change if enough people turned out to oppose it. He has 10 days to do so, but its unclear if he’ll follow through on it.