The White House Is A Roach Motel? Has Ants, And Mice Too?

The White House is overrun with an infestation of disgusting critters, and not just the human kind: according to NBC Washington, the nation’s most famous dwelling has ants, roaches and even mice.

Exterminators have been extremely busy trying to battle the invasion.

Reportedly, the Situation Room as well as a Navy mess hall in the basement of the West Wing are a haven for bugs.

Vice President Mike Pence’s outer office is said to have had mouse traps everywhere.

At one point, people complained that the West Wing smelled like a dead mouse.

“Landscape shop to check all the traps in the West Wing…because they’re smelling something funky or dead mouse”, a White House work order read, according to NBC Washington.

President Trump was reported to have referred to the hundreds-year old structure as “a real dump” earlier in the year, although he later denied having said that.

The White House is said to be well overdue for renovation.