Way Back Wednesdays…Sisqo: Thong Song

Back in the mid to late 1990s, Dru Hill was one of the top acts in the music industry.

Soon after the group rocketed to success, reported friction within the group created and lead singer Sisqo pulled a Diana Ross–he went solo.

Sisqo would enjoy a string of hits as a solo artist, and also appeared in film and hosted how own TV show, MTV’s SisQós Shakedown.


Sisqo’s meteoric rise came partly due to his monster hit, Thong Song. Not only did the song became a #1 global hit, but Sisqo single-handedly made “thong” part of everyday vernacular.

For awhile, Sisqo and his blonde mane wer any and everywhere.

And maybe not since Michael Jackson had a lead singer left a group to go on and achieve such instantaneous and massive success.

But by the time the mid-2000s came around, Sisqo suddenly faded into background as younger, newer entertainers with a pop sound (Chris Brown) and a rawer sound (Trey Songz) pushed Sisqo to the side.

Sisqo and Dru Hill recently reunited to recorded a holiday album entitled, Christmas In Baltimore.