12 Year Old Charged As Adult In Alleged Broward Armed Carjacking

A 12 year old Broward county boy has been charged by prosecutors as an adult in an alleged armed carjacking that took place in a busy Wal-Mart parking lot in the late afternoon.

Shaquille Dixon is one of three juveniles ID’d as suspects–and appears to be the youngest of the three, and the only one facing adult charges.

According to what the elderly victim told police, she was approached by the baby-faced trio, who weren’t there for child’s play: allegedly, they had a gun and pointed at her, then demanded she hand over her keys.

The victim said she complied and the three then drove off in her car, almost running her over in the process.

Video surveillance from the store was quickly released to the public.

If convicted, Dixon could become one of the state’s youngest prison inmates–but he won’t be by himself: Florida leads the nation in charging children as adults, the majority of whom are African American.