Alabama Teacher (Who Resembles Caitlyn Jenner) Told Kids To “Turn The N***** Tunes Off” Over Tupac Song

An Alabama teacher, who looks a lot like Caitlyn Jenner, is facing dismissal after she allegedly told a classroom full of students to “Turn the nigger tunes off!”, while the kids were playing the late rap superstar Tupac Shakur’s classic hit song, “Dear Mama”, in class.

The incident happened at Hoover High School, which sits in the suburban city of Hoover just outside of Birmingham. Teddie Butcher teaches a food and nutrition class at the school, and customarily allows students to listen to music during class.

But Tupac must not have been on the approved list, because Butcher let all her ignorance and racism come out after the song began to play.

Reportedly, Butcher made the racist comment twice because she thought everyone didn’t hear her.

Several of Butcher’s students are African-American children.

The students who heard Butcher were rigthfully outraged, and some went straight to the principal’s office to complain. Some students brought along recordings of the incident as proof.

Though unconfirmed, some students say the prinicipal urged them to delete the recordings of Butcher’s racist outbursts.

Butcher’s lame excuse for such an ignorant display was that she was disgusted by “vulgar lyrics” she heard in the song, but there’s a problem with that: “Dear Mama” is cuss word-free. She failed to explain why Tupac would inspire her to utter the word nigger–twice, at that.

Butcher has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

Many parents are demanding the school district fire Butcher, who bears a striking resemblance to Caitlyn Jenner.