‘Love And Hip Hop: Miami’ Debut Marred By Racist Comments From Cast Member

The latest installment of the popular and long-running Love And Hip Hop franchise debuted last night: Love And Hip Hop: Miami features 305 legends Trick Daddy, Trina, and also Gun Play and several lesser-known personalities, including Shay Johnson.

Fans were happy to get a glimpse of old-skoolers Trick and Trina, but the episode was marred by serious controversy after one of the guests on the show made some comments that came across as clearly racist.

Miami Latin Trap producer Elijah “Young Hollywood” Sarraga–who few people have ever heard of–set off a Twitter firestorm over a number of comments regarding castmate and self-described Afro-Latina castmate Amara La Negra. Sarraga was heard saying Amara needed to be “more Beyoncé, less Macy Gray” in order for him to work with her on music, and he stated she can’t be “elegant” with an Afro hairstyle.

The corny, Khaled-wannabe went on to say, “You’re just a little intense about this whole ‘African thing,'”.

Later, he later sarcastically referred to her as a “Nutella Queen”–Nutella meaning “Cocoa”.

Black Twitter hopped on that ass immediately, lacerating him for his obvious ignorance, with calls from many viewers for Hollywood–who is not a billed cast member–to be banned from the show.