Way Back Wednesdays…T-Shirt & Panties: Adina Howard Feat. Jamie Foxx

In 1998, music fans were thrilled to hear Adina Howard on wax and on their car radios again. It had been 3 years since Adina exploded onto the scene with an uncompromising style and sound that exuded sex and uninhibited sexuality.

A trendsetter who sang songs that encouraged and inspired both other women and men to submit to their inner freaks, Adina rocketed up the charts with 1995’s monster classic “Freak Like Me”, which was the top hit from the gold-selling album “Do You Wanna Ride?”–which is widely considered one of the sexiest albums of all-time.

With such a massive amount of success, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-born Adina seemed poised to stay in the game for many years.

When 1998 came calling, Adina dropped “T-Shirt & Panties” in coordination with actor, singer and comedian Jamie Foxx. The song became an instant classic, and was expected to be the first track off her highly anticipated sophomore album, Welcome to Fantasy Island, a major label release.

But Fantasy proved to be just that, as Adina soon parted paths with her then-label, Elektra.

Years later, Adina would independently release the album as a mixtape.

Though the Fantasy Island album did not materialize the way her fans expected it would, the record’s artwork became an instant classic: a nude, blonde, short-haired Adina laying in a desert with a Boa Constrictor draped around her ass.

An official video was never released for “T-Shirt”, but the track is still hard and sounds virtually current.

In the years since, Adina continues to perform as an Indie artist. She has yet to attain the level of commercial success she found in the 1990s, but continues to enjoy a devoted following of fans and admirers.