ATL Mayor: ‘Black Women Are Realizing The Power Of Their Vote’

Black women are winning important political offices and are pulling others across the finish line and its because they are starting to realize the potency of their political power–and there will be a lot more Black women in power, thanks to the growing clout of Black female voters.

That’s the point Keisha Lance-Bottoms, Atlanta’s recently elected mayor, made in a recent POLITICO interview. Bottoms said Black women are now recognizing they have real power at the polls, after being largely overlooked by both major parties and most candidates for a very long time.

“Black women are realizing the power of their vote and of their influence,” said Bottoms, who defeated a White City Councilwoman with ties to Republicans and President Trump in a bitterly contested mayoral race. Her election was tied closely to massive turnout of African American voters in the city–especially Black women.

“We are becoming engaged, and we realize the danger of staying home”, Bottoms said.

Bottoms is the most high-profile Black female politician recently elected and is joined by other Black women who won mayoral offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana; all three made history for being the first Women of Color to take those offices.

Though Black women have long been the base of the Democratic party, they have been ignored for years. Alabama’s Doug Jones recently won his Senate seat there on the strength of proportionally high turnout of Black women voters.