Nick Minaj The Greatest Female Rapper EVER? So Says Birdman

Nicki Minaj is the greatest female rapper to EVER pic up a mic, according to Cash Money CEO Birdman, who recently bestowed the title of G.O.A.T. to Minaj.

“I don’t think no female ever, in the modern time or before time, is more talented than Nicki Minaj,” said Baby, who added more.

“There’s levels to this shit. Very much levels to this shit. She’s an elite. Sometimes, you can put Nicki in a room with males on a rap, but if you put her on females, it’s nothing. She’s a monster in her own race,” he said. “She’s just a special talent. I’m blessed to have her a part of my team. She’s a special talent I’ve never heard before.”

Birdman brushed aside legends such as Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, MC Lyte, Remy Ma, Queen Latifah and lots of others, including newcomer Cardi B., to make that proclamation.

In the same interview, Birdman also compared Lil Wayne to Tupac.

Birdman recently confirmed he would be two-stepping his way down the aisle with veteran songbird Toni Braxton.