Stupid Beyond Words…Federal Inmate Admits To Murder In Facebook Live Video From Prison: “I Did It. Everybody Knows I Did It”

Its easy to see how some people end up getting so easily caught for their crimes. And Joe Fletcher, an Akron man serving a federal prison sentence at Atlanta’s penitentiary, might have earned himself some more years behind bars thanks to him bragging about a 2010 murder on Facebook Live.

“Everybody knows I did it. I did it”, Fletcher said, after stimulating pulling a trigger in the video, which is going viral. Its also become a national news story.

The murder victim was 19-year-old LaDonte Smith. An alleged associate of Fletcher’s, Anthony “Champy” Smart, is serving 17 years for LaDonte’s murder.

Fletcher was set to be released this summer after a judge sentenced him to 7 months for violating parole after he allegedly attacked his baby’s mother. Fletcher was originally imprisoned on weapons charges.

Fletcher said in the video that he will stay in Atlanta after he is released so he can become a rapper.

He also said he would dedicate some music to “Champy”–who, thanks to this video, will not only be his homie but probably soon, his co-defendant as well.

“If it weren’t for Champy, I’d have a life sentence right now,” Fletcher said. “You think I’m not about to let the world know who that man is?”, he asked.

LaDonte’s mother (pictured left) has asked prosecutors to re-open the criminal investigation as a result of Fletcher’s video.

Atlanta’s federal pen has received media attention due to a number of inmates reportedly slipping in and out of prison through a broken fence, and also because they reportedly have gained access to liquor and have recorded themselves throwing house parties in prison dorms.