26 Year Old Gainesville Woman Accused of Beating And Pepper Spraying Her 72 Year Old Boyfriend Because He Wanted A Side Chick

Viagra strikes again?

A 26 year old Gainesville woman is sitting in the Alachua County Jail, charged with attacking her 72 year old boyfriend after he told her he would prefer seeing other people.

According to The Gainesville Sun, hearing that her old man wanted a side piece or two caused Shontae Arielle Wilson to go ham, and she then proceeded to beat the elderly man–who she’d been in an on-and-off relationship with for about 3 years–punching her much older lover in the neck and back, pepper spraying him, and then relieving him of $1,600 that was in his wallet.

Wilson was transported to the jailhouse, where she was booked on charges of battery on a person 65 or older, simple battery and grand theft.

Her bail was set at $20,000.