2 Security Guards Shot At Legendary Strip Club

Two security guards working at Atlanta’s legendary Blue Flame Lounge ended up shot and in the hospital as a result of some Memorial Weekend violence that culminated with one of the officers being shot in the behind, and another getting a bullet to his leg.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the guards, who work for a private security firm, escorted a group of males and females out of the building for what was described as “inappropriate behavior”–which could mean anything at the Blue Flame.

“The group became loud and belligerent in the parking lot, and at least one of the male patrons made gestures implying that he possessed a weapon,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Bender told The AJC.

The group left in multiple cars but one of the vehicles circled back and opened fire at the guards.

A third guard returned fire at the vehicle. Its unclear if anyone in the suspect car was hit, and no suspects have been ID’d.

The Blue Flame is a notorious strip club in Atlanta, and has been around for years.

A city staple, the old club has been shouted out in a number of rap songs.

Beloved Bankhead rapper Shawty Lo was a longtime devotee of The Flame, and his funeral assemblage stopped there after Lo’s 2016 wake, where club patrons and strippers danced and turned up near Lo’s casket, which was perched near the club’s entrance.