Roseanne CANNED: Racist Tweet Spells End For Loose-Lipped Roseanne’s Successful Show

Roseanne Barr was lucky enough to get resurrected from the dust bins of TV history, when ABC revived her 80s-90s hit TV show, Roseanne, last year.

But a fat azz paycheck, and a return to prime time TV weren’t enough to stop Roseanne from characteristically saying things she has no business saying, and this time, it’s costing her some serious dineros.

The Roseanne Show has been canceled, ABC announced today, leaving Roseanne a widely known, award-winning, and now unemployed actress.

The writing was on the wall: over the weekend, Barr offered up a highly offensive tweet that compared Valerie Plame, the former Obama White House official, to Planet Of The Apes.

Outrage and criticism quickly followed.

Sensing she was in deep shyt Arkansas, Roseanne tried her hand at damage control:

She also promised to leave Twitter, which hasn’t happened yet.

But it was too much, too little, too late for Rosie. ABC showed her the door, quickly labeling her comments “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values”.

The Roseanne reboot became one of ABC’s top hits, for some unknown reason. The new show featured Roseanne portraying a die-hard Donald Trump supporter while everyone else in her family was anti-Trump.

Roseanne was frank about being a real-life supporter of the President, who is said to be a fan of the now-defunct show.

Rumors are swirling that another network may be willing to take a chance on Barr and buy the program.