Singer Jacquees Catches Weed Charge After His Car Clocked Going 116 MPH

Atlanta singer Jacquees–best known for hits including “B.E.D.”, and “At The Club”–had to briefly chill on a bunk bed in an Atlanta jail after he was caught driving 116 MPH on I-85 North around 3:00 this morning, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Police say when they approached the singer’s vehicle, a 2007 Bentley Continental, they observed drugs or something being thrown out of the window of the car. Officers then proceeded to stop and ultimately search the car, and they recovered 3 grams of marijuana.

“The vehicle pulled to the shoulder but continued rolling a short distance,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer Lisa Bender told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “While it was rolling, the officer observed an item be thrown out of the passenger window.”–AJC

Jacquees, whose legal name is Rodriquez Broadnax, took the L, reportedly admitting it was he who threw the drugs out of the passenger car window–allegedly to spare his female companion, 23-year-old Stanesha Boutwell, from a trip to the pokey too.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work: Stanesha, who posed for a memorable mugshot, was arrested on a possession charge.

Cops charged Jacquees with speeding, reckless driving, littering and possession of a controlled substance.

Both have since reportedly been released on bond.