Throwback Thursday…Intro: Come Inside

In 1993, a trio of young male singers from Brooklyn with a lot of Soul vaulted onto the music scene with a monster ballad simply titled, Come Inside.

The song rocketed up the charts and became one of the signature ballads of the year.

The group’s eponymous album would peak at #11 on the R&B Chart.

But continued success would prove elusive: the NYC trio would fail to record another Top 10 hit, and successive albums did not match the relative success of their first project.

And tragedy soon occurred: Kenny Greene, the powerhouse vocalist whose deep and seductive vocals powered the group to success, would pass away from a severe medical condition in 2001.

The group reunited in 2013–17 years after their last album together. New members are now part of the line-up, and the group has released two additional albums since then.

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