Wanda Sykes Leaves ‘Roseanne’ Show After Star’s “Planet Of The Apes” Tweet

Wanda Sykes is leaving the Roseanne Show, she announced via a tweet this afternoon. Evidently, Roseanne’s racist tweet–in which Barr used former White House aide Valerie Jarrett’s initials and said “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby”–was the final straw for Sykes, who signed up as a producer for the show.

Barr later offered a lame apology for once again for showing her true self:

Not sure why Wanda Sykes is just now discovering what a hot mess Roseanne is tho.

Wanda needs new friends.

In any case, Roseanne’s rebooted show–which is wildly popular among hillbillies, skinheads, and Trump voters–is set for a second season of unfunny “jokes”, and trailer park humor.