Arrested Atlanta Cop Was Living In Boyfriend’s Alleged Trap House, Filled With Drugs, Guns–and Kids

Soon-to-be-former Officer Iris Rowe of the Atlanta Police Department has some serious ‘splaining to do. The two-year veteran cop was allegedly chillin’ inside a College Park apartment slash alleged trap house with her boyfriend when cops kicked down the door, and it gets worse: he was wanted on drug charges, and there was allegedly $30,000 in narcotics inside the crib.

College Park police had been investigating the apartment for weeks, according to WSB-TV, due to numerous reports of drug sales taking place there.

What they didn’t expect was to find a police officer sitting up in the midst of things.

“This was a shocker to go in and apprehend ‘as a suspect’ another officer,” Sgt. Marcus Dennarrd, with College Park Police Department, said.

Rowe, 26, was not assigned to the pending investigation. But she is the girlfriend of Jeremy Laye–one of two men police kicked down the door of the home to serve a warrant on.

Inside, they found plenty of drugs and ammo, and Rowe, Laye, and Tony Robinson hiding in separate rooms.

“Investigating officers were able to find a large amount of marijuana and an assortment of pills inside of the apartment,” authorities told Channel 2 Action News.

Police also found high-caliber weapons, nearly $8,000 in cash, Rowe’s uniform, badge, vest, radio, and ID.

They also found more drugs and two guns, including an AR-15, in the trunk of Lowe’s Nissan.

But the story gets worse: Laye’s two small children were also inside the home.

Rowe was immediately placed on leave pending completion of the investigation. In the meanwhile, the trio were taken into custody.

The three were charged with a multitude of offenses, but Rowe faces charges that include possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of illegal drugs in a drug-free zone.

Sgt. Dennard said Rowe did not show any remorse.

And she seemed oblivious to news cameras encircling her while she was escorted to a waiting paddy wagon. The group was booked into the nearby East Point Municipal Jail.

Authorities say the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) and/or federal officials could become involved in the investigation.